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ESTHub is a national satellite data centre, which allows users to search and download Copernicus programme data. ESTHub also offers a hosted data processing service to governmental institutions.

ESTHub gathers Sentinel and Landsat 8 data for the Estonian area of interest and provides a fast download service. ESTHub downloads data through the Sentinel Collaborative Data Hub (ColHub) the access to which is restricted towards Collaborative Ground Segments. The Land Board has access to ColHub pursuant to the Agreement with the European Space Agency, which was signed by Enterprise Estonia in 2016. Most of the users download data through Open Access Hub, but ESTHub offers a much faster download speed.

For Sentinel 1 and 2, but also for Landsat 8, ESTHub offers data about 200 km beyond state borders (Figure 1),  for Sentinel 3 the area of interest covers the Baltic Sea and its surrounding area (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Sentinel 1, 2 ja Landsat 8 coverage
Figure 2. Sentinel 3 data coverage

It is important to reference properly when using Copernicus data.

If you register (or you have been registered by the Land Board) for ESTHub's services, you will agree to the Land Board's rules for processing personal data.

ESTHub was financed by the European Regional Development Fund instrument in the amount of 410 336,69 €. More detailed information on the Information System Authority's  web page (in Estonian).

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