ETAK layer names and descriptions

Layer names, field names, domain values descriptions in detail ( 72.2 KB, 28.10.2020 )

Layer name Object count* Features/Descriptions
E_101_kivi_p 103531 boulder, heap of stones, scattered boulders
E_102_nolv_j 21615 slope, natural escarpment, career edge
E_103_pinnavorm_j 8997 trench/excavation, embankment/berm, waterfall
E_103_pinnavorm_p 24081 artificial mound, hole, cave, rooted up ground, rapids
E_201_meri_a (kõlvik) 477 sea
E_202_seisuveekogu_a (kõlvik)


lake, artificial lake, pond, etc
E_202_seisuveekogu_p 1634 spring
E_203_vooluveekogu_a (kõlvik) 5629 watercourse over 8 m wide
E_203_vooluveekogu_j 920453 watercourse (river, stream, ditch, channel)
E_204_kaldajoon_j 139242 definite coastline, indefinite coastline, sea wall or fortified shore
E_205_hudrotehniline_rajatis_j 1354 pier, jetty, dam
E_206_truup_j 184525 culvert
E_301_muu_kolvik_a (kõlvik) 29612 green area, wasteland
E_301_muu_kolvik_ka 1849 port, landfill/dumping ground, sporting facility/stadium, quarry, airfield, cemetery


monument, grave
E_302_ou_a (kõlvik) 116699 yard (residential building area), production area (industrial building area)
E_303_haritav_maa_a (kõlvik) 56979 arable land, orchard
E_304_lage_a (kõlvik) 299767 meadow/grassland, sandy area, stony (pebble) area, open area
E_305_puittaimestik_a (kõlvik) 162229 forest, shrub
E_305_puittaimestik_j 216043 line of trees
E_305_puittaimestik_p 525528 single tree, scattered trees, grove
E_306_margala_a (kõlvik) 55738 swamp/mire, bog, quaking bog, marshy grassland
E_306_margala_ka 2771 bed of reeds
E_307_turbavali_a (kõlvik) 410 peat field, abandoned peat field
E_401_hoone_ka 903501 dwelling or public building, subsidiary building or production facility, building under construction, foundation, ruins
E_402_korgrajatis_p 3281 towers above 25m in height
E_403_muu_rajatis_ka 43661 greenhouses, roofed area, other buildings/constructions (area >50m2)
E_403_muu_rajatis_p 1407 other buildings/constructions (area <50m2 and height below 25m)
E_404_maaalune_hoone_ka 5452 subterranean facilities (cellar, garage etc)
E_405_piire_j 90447 wall, concrete wall, fence, stone fence (with or without trees)
E_501_tee_a (kõlvik) 14043 road area or square
E_501_tee_j 668951 road, street, dirt road, track/path, pedestrian and bicycle route
E_502_roobastee_j 4339 railway, tramway, cableway or chair lift
E_503_siht_j 69313 a division line between forest compartments
E_505_liikluskorralduslik_rajatis_j 15710 ferry line/waterway, lock gate (road closed for traffic), footbridge, tunnel
E_505_liikluskorralduslik_rajatis_ka 2595 bridge or viaduct
E_601_elektriliin_j 17238 electricity transmission line starting from 1kV
E_602_tehnopaigaldis_p 18498 transformer, wind turbine, tank
E_603_torujuhe_j 793 on-ground pipeline
Additional layers**
Korgus_j 238559 contour lines with 2,5 meter interval
Korgus_p 179855 spot height points
Sygavus_j 11174 isobath lines with 5 meter interval
Sygavus_p 9223 depth points
Kohanimi_p 135224 place names
Kirik_p 390 churches
Voolusuund_j 54237 flow direction lines
Piir_j 7 state border; Estonian-Russian control line

"_p" symbol in the end of layer name means that this layer consists of point geometry objects only,  "_j" means line geometry, "_a" means polygon geometry and "_ka" means polygon geometry which are on top of land-use. "(kõlvik)" means that this particular layer takes part of forming land-use layer.

* Object count is based on the Basic map base data exctraction date (and it's normally somewhere in December).

** Additional layers are downladable and part of Estonian basic map vector dataset. Kohanimi_p can be found within ESRI Shape dataset. ESRI GDB stores place names as annotations.

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