Mineral Registry

Mineral Registry is a database of resources on the land, sea, lakes and rivers and economic land. 

978 deposits (incl. oil shale, peat, crystalline rocks, gravel, sand, clay, dolostone, limestone, phosphorite, sea mud) were registered as of 2nd of January 2024.

Every deposit has its own registry card that includes a map of the deposit and information about the location, area, source documents, type of the deposit, usage, natural and immovable monuments located within the territory of the deposit, type section of the deposit, chemical, rock, mineralogical and granulometric composition, technical indicators, mining conditions, hydrogeological characteristics, micro-components of the mineral resource, rock, mineral and granulometric composition, physico-mechanical properties and mining conditions. Mineral Registry also includes a balance sheet of mineral resources. This part of the registry consists of mineral reserves of the deposit, mined amounts of the mineral reserves and changes of the mineral reserves of the deposits.

Information in the Mineral Registry is public. Data are available in the Web Map of Mineral Deposits and can be downloaded as open data.

Data properties
Distribution file format Esri GDB, SHP, MapInfo TAB, MicroStation DGN
Data structure vector surfaces
Update frequency dowloadable data is updated daily
Licence Land Board's Open Data Licence
Data of the Mineral Registry is open data. While using the data, please use the reference: "Estonian Mineral Registry, Estonian Land Board 18.05.2024"

Last update: 02.01.2024 13:09
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