ESTPOS - national GNSS satellite data center

ESTPOS is the national GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System satellite data center.

ESTPOS reference station network consists of 29 GNSS reference stations evenly covering Estonia. ESTPOS network is necessary for the monitoring of the Estonian geodetic reference system and its components. In addition, ESTPOS ensures accessibility to precise location-based information throughout Estonia and also supports real-time GNSS measurements with an accuracy of 2-3 cm. The observation data of ESTPOS reference stations and the real-time GNSS measurements service (RTN) can be used by all Estonian state institutions and for scientific purposes. All the data and services of ESTPOS can be used free of charge.

The short-term (last 90 days) observation data of ESTPOS reference stations are available via ESTPOS user portal. Older observation data are archived in the Land Board and can be made available to the users based on their needs. In addition to downloading the observation data of ESTPOS reference stations it is also possible to do static GNSS computations in the ESTPOS user portal and through the ESTPOS user portal the real-time GNSS measurements service is also provided.

ESTPOS GNSS reference stations and their data are involved in many international projects. Four ESTPOS GNSS reference stations belong to the EPN (EUREF Permanent GNSS Network) and nine reference stations to the EPOS (European Plate Observing System) network. The data of ESTPOS GNSS reference stations are used in the working groups of NKG (Nordic Geodetic Commission) and EUREF (Reference Frame Sub Commission for Europe).

ESTPOS GNSS reference station network.

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