The beginning of the EuroBoundaryMap (EBM) project goes back to 1992 when the SABE (Seamless Administrative Boundaries of Europe) project was initiated.

EuroBoundaryMap is a geo-database at the scale 1:100 000 and at the moment covering the data of 55 countries, continuously updated by the national mapping and cadastral authorities (NMCAs) of Europe. The latest version of EBM  is from May 2019.

The coordinate system of EBM is ETRS-89 (longitudes and latitudes are expressed in decimal fraction).

EuroBoundaryMap offers:

  • Geometry of all European administrative and statistical units from the most detailed local level to country level
  • Names (Unicode-UTF8 and ASCII) and unique hierarchical structured codes (UID-s) of all administrative units on each national administrative level
  • Unified coding system for all administrative levels including designations of different national levels and the relations between them
  • Links to statistical LAU- and NUTS codes for all local administrative units of EU28
  • Distinction between land and water areas of administrative units (for example coastal water or lakes)
  • Additional attributive information, especially population figures for administrative units

Some changes from EBM v.12 to EBM2019:

  • EBM2019 is a complete new update of the EuroBoundaryMap product referring to the 1January 2018.

The Data Product Specification is compliant to ISO 19131. The quality of EBM has been checked according to ISO 19157 and the results are documented. The metadata of EBM and all national contributions is based on the ISO 19115 standard and the INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules v1.3.

EBM database could be used as a geo-referenced background. The most typical uses of the EBM data are:

  • market analysis;
  • socio-economic analysis;
  • demographic analysis;
  • asset management;
  • geo-referencing cross-border data.

The Land Board has been participating in the EBM project since the beginning of this project. More detailed information about the EBM project and the availability of the EBM data is available from

How to get data

EBM is available from EuroGeographics Head Office.

Licencing and Pricing


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