Geology in 3D

According to the Geo3D strategy, the Estonian Land Board (ELB) is heading towards three-dimensional data collection, updating, and delivery. As subsurface is essentially a 3D space, the extra dimension should contribute to more advanced visualisation and analytical tools for different user groups.

Geo3D business analysis recommends compiling Estonian geotechnical survey data in machine-readable format (likewise the mineral survey data). Before new buildings and infrastructure can be established, proper assessment of ground conditions must be implemented. Similarly, more knowledge is constantly required about the distribution of mineral resources and groundwater.

Geology 3D prototype application published in the begining of 2024 delivers the following layers for the whole Estonia:

  • buildings (LOD2 models)
  • survey points (cylindrical boreholes extruded downwards)
  • three types of terrain models (DEM, sedimentary bedrock relief, and crystalline bedrock relief with 50 m resolution)
  • geotechnical sites (LOD1 models, extruded downwards according to the deepest survey point)

Additional data can be queried about buildings, survey points, geotechnical sites.

Presently ELB is preparing the following 3D subsurface data for the application:

  • coring probes, analyses
  • geological layers (systems, formations)
  • objects from the Mineral Registry (deposits, blocks, mining & surveying sites)
  • abandoned mines

As the map application and data are actively augmented, we ask for an understanding attitude in case of possible mistakes. User suggestions concerning new layers and functionality are welcome.

Videos introducing the 3D data

Geology 3D web app: mineral blocks and Kärdla meteorite crater in 3D

Geology 3D web app: boreholes, geotechnical study sites and other layers in 3D

Surficial 3D web app: an overview of the universal tools

Using the data

Download the initial data of the Geology 3D model (survey points, grid models)

Examples of the 3D geological data

3D geotechnical study sites in TartuGeotechnical sites extruded downwards according to the maximum study depth (light yellow objects under buildings) with a sliced view and query results
3D boreholes and geological layers in Toila
Geological layers (systems), and boreholes in Toila 


Ivo Sibul

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