Geodetic Point Database

Pursuant to §36 (2) of the Spatial Data Act, the establishment of Geodetic Point Database and the statutes of maintenance thereof were approved by the Government Regulation no 164 of 22 December 2011.

The database consists of:

  1. Digital database - dataset of geodetic points including a digital entry-book
  2. Paper files - source documents of data to be entered into the database as well as the reports of geodetic works

Coordinates of geodetic points enable an accurate determination of any location in nature. Geodetic reference points support topographic mapping and updating of maps, performance of construction projects, determination of property boundaries, mapping of mining areas, etc.

In Estonia, geodetic points were started to be designated in nature for more than a century ago. The oldest geodetic mark that is still in use was placed in 1891 and is situated at the Kuremäe Convent.

The protected zone of a geodetic mark means the area surrounding the geodetic mark where human activity is restricted due to the necessity to protect and use the geodetic mark. The extent of the protected zone of a geodetic mark is laid down by the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment no 50 (§17) of 28 June 2013 "The procedure for performance of geodetic works and designation of geodetic marks, the extent of the protected zone of a geodetic mark, and the procedure for application for permission for the activities in the protected zone”.

§26 (1) of Spatial Data Act sets out that without the permission of the owner of a geodetic mark, any activity which may damage the geodetic mark and the designation thereof, including operating impact mechanisms, compacting or levelling ground, constructing passageways for means of transport and mechanisms, ploughing and performing earthwork, is prohibited in the protected zone of the geodetic mark. For obtaining the permission for activities in the protected zone of a geodetic mark, the interested person shall submit an application to the owner of the mark. Any damages to the geodetic mark shall be reported to the Land Board (marks of national geodetic network), or the local government (marks of local geodetic network).

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