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 Estonian Land Board

Estonian Topographic Database

Licence of open data by Estonian Land Board, 1.07.2018

General terms

The object of this licence agreement (hereafter "agreement") is the grant of licence by Estonian Land Board (hereafter "licensor") to user (legal or natural person) (hereafter "licensee") for use of the spatial data of Estonian Topographic Database (hereafter "data").

Use of data expressly made available under this agreement indicates your (the licensee's) acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

The copyright of data belongs to the licensor and is protected by the copyright law, international copyright treaties and other laws and agreements that refer to the intellectual property. Laws valid in the Republic of Estonia apply to this agreement.

Licencee's rights

The licensee receives the rights to use the data free of charge for an unspecified term, for to good purpose in accordance with laws and best practice. The licensee may produce derivatives of data, adapt and combine data with its own (or other) data, products or services, use the data for commercial or non-commercial purposes and redistribute data.

The licensee may adjust or extend the terms of the agreement when distributing or publishing the data together with other (value-added) data, but the terms of the agreement will remain in force and apply to the data originating from Estonian Land Board.

Licencee's obligations

The licensee obliges to refer to the origin of data when publishing and redistributing data. The reference must include the name of the licensor, the title of the data and the age of the data (or the date of data extraction), e.g.:

Base Map: Estonian Land Board 2018
Map data: Estonian Land Board 2018
Orthophoto flight date 05.05.2018, Estonian Land Board
Elevation data: Estonian Land Board 2012-2017
Estonian basic map: Estonian Land Board 2018

The licensee obliges to attach the agreement or the reference to the agreement to data when distributing data to the third parties.

The licensee obliges to remove the reference to the data source in its products or services on written request of licensor.


The data is licensed "as is" and the licensor excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the data to the maximum extent permitted by law. The licensee agrees to use data with all its possible inaccuracies. The licensor is not liable for any errors or omissions in the data and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. The licensor is not responsible for direct nor indirect damage that could occur when using data nor not being able to use data.

These were important conditions of this licence agreement and if you (licensee) fail to comply with them, the rights granted to you under this licence, will end automatically.

The licensor aims to provide data download service and data updates on a regular basis but does not guarantee a good performance or continued supply of the data at any given time.