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 Estonian Land Board

Estonian Topographic Database

  Spatial data below is for everybody to use free of charge. Please, refer to the origin and extraction date of data (e.g. "Base map: Estonian Land Board 2019"). By downloading data you agree to terms of use of open data (  PDF).

Estonian Land Board aims to provide the data download service and data updates on regular basis but does not guarantee a good performance at any given time.

Questions and feedback are welcome by e-mail: avaandmed@maaamet.ee

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 Map sheet query

  Map sheet borders and numbers can be found in web map application: 1:2000, 1:10000 and 1:20000.


Introductory webpage of Estonian Topographic Database

Full dataset of entire Estonia

Thematic datasets for entire Estonia

TeemaEsri ShapeMapinfo TABMicrostation DGNAutocad DXF
Buildings SHP (119M) TAB ( 95M) DGN ( 83M) DXF (109M)
Land use types SHP (601M) TAB (393M) DGN (485M) DXF (883M)
Relief SHP ( 11M) TAB (7.4M) DGN (8.5M) DXF (9.9M)
Utility facilities SHP (2.8M) TAB (1.8M) DGN (2.2M) DXF (2.7M)
Transportation SHP (152M) TAB (104M) DGN (107M) DXF (166M)
Waterbodies SHP (262M) TAB (165M) DGN (200M) DXF (327M)
Auxiliary sources

  Automatic data updates at every weekend.

Estonian Basic Map 1:10 000 of 2019 was created from Estonian Topographic Database data on 08.12.2018

Introductory webpage of Estonian Basic Map

Full coverage of Estonia in raster format
Full dataset of entire Estonia in vector format
Auxiliary sources

  Data is updated once a year, in January-February.

Introductory webpage of orthophotos

Full coverage of Estonia

Ortophotos of densely populated urban areas

Only map sheets within urban areas contain data.

Auxiliary sources:

In addition to major cities, half the territory of Estonia is covered yearly with new orthophotos.

Introductory webpage of elevation data

Contours (with 2,5m interval) and height point data is bundled into Estonian basic map vector dataset.

Auxiliary sources

 About 1/4 of Estonian territory is laser-scanned every year. New data will be added in December-January.