Estonian Basic Map 1:10 000

The Estonian basic map is a seamless digital topographic database with a nationwide coverage. It contains information on utilities (roads, electric power lines, etc.), settlement, hydrography, place names and land use. The accuracy and content corresponds to the mapping scale of 1:5000- 1:10 000. The used projection is L-EST97 (epsg:3301). The map is based on the core Estonian Topographic Database, which is updated on a daily basis by the Land Board's employees.

Map properties
Format Esri File GDB, ESRI SHP, MapInfo TAB, color and monochrome GeoTIFF
Data structure vector and raster
Scale 1:10 000, urban areas 1:5000
Update frequency Annually (the latest update is from 01.01.2022)
Litsents Land Board Open Data License
Please refer to the Land Board and date when using the data. For example: "Estonian basic map 2022: Land Board"

The map has several outputs: a vector map, a colored raster map (with or without hillshade) and a monochrome raster map.

How to use

Free download and licensing


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