3D Data

The Geo3D initiative covers better use of existing data as well as developing new 3D datasets.

Existing 3D datasets, providing countrywide coverage:

  • ALS point cloud
  • Digital Elevation Models
    • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
    • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Building 3D models are created from ALS data and building footprints from ETD. Building models are created using a fully automated process without any manual editing. Currently there are two datasets:
    • LOD 1 building models have all flat roofs (positioned at the highest point of building)
    • LOD 2 building models contain detailed and realistic representation of roof surfaces
    Both datasets include attribute data: address, building type, IDs of the building in different national registries (Estonian Topographic Database, Address Data System and Registry of Construction Works).
  • Transport infrasctructure contains 3D models of bridges and car tunnels. These models are created from ETD data and represent the real world objects as generalised LOD1 models. For bridges only the deck is modelled. Attribute data includes names and IDs of the objects in registries (Estonian Topographic Database and Registry of Place Names).

The data is visible in public 3D web map application prototype. Both the application and the 3D layers are still under development, we thank you for your understanding.

How to use

Free download and licensing

Examples of 3D data

ALS data--Kuressaare castle
ALS data points showing classification
LOD1 models of buildings
3D models of buildings with flat roofs
LOD2 models of buildings
3D models of buildings with detailed roofs
3D models of bridges
3D models of bridges
Analytical models of trees near Kuressaare
Analytical trees
More realistic models of trees near Kuressaare
More realistic trees


Hanno Kuus

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