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Cadastral Data

Cadastral unit boundaries and data for downloading.

Data properties
Format OGC GeoPackage (GPKG), Esri SHP, Bentley DGN, MapInfo TAB
Data structure vector areas
Update frequency Files are updated nightly
Licence Please refer to the Land Board and date when using the data. For example: "Cadastral units: Land Board 28.04.2020"

How to use

DGN files have cadastral unit id and address available as metadata under TAG.

Without GIS software you can download the SHP folder and open *.dbf file with spreadhseet software.

Data structure

SHP/TAB GPKG Explanation
TUNNUS Tunnus Cadastral unit ID
HKOOD Haldusyksuse_kood Settlement ID
MK_NIMI Maakonna_nimi County name
OV_NIMI Omavalitsuse_nimi Municipality name
AY_NIMI Asustusyksuse_nimi Settlements name
L_AADRESS Lahiaadress Address
REGISTR Registreeritud Cadastral Unit registration date
MUUDET Muudetud Cadastral Unit amendment date
SIHT1 Sihtotstarve_1 Intended use 1
SIHT2 Sihtotstarve_2 Intended use 2
SIHT3 Sihtotstarve_3 Intended use 3
SO_PRTS1 SO_protsent_1 Intended use 1 percentage
SO_PRTS2 SO_protsent_2 Intended use 2 percentage
SO_PRTS3 SO_protsent_3 Intended use 3 percentage
PINDALA Pindala Area
RUUMPIND Ruumikuju_pindala Spatial area
REG_YHIK Registreeritud_yhik Area registration unit
HARITAV Haritav_maa Cultivated area
ROHUMAA Looduslik_rohumaa Natural grassland
METS Metsamaa Forest
OUEMAA Ouemaa Courtyard
MUUMAA Muu_maa Other area
KINNISTU Kinnistu_nr Registered immovable number
MOODUST Moodustatud Survey date
MOOTJA Moodistaja Surveyor
MOOTVIIS Moodustamisviis Cadastral unit form
OMVIIS Registreerimisviis Manner of formation
OMVORM Omandivorm Ownership type
MAKS_HIND Maksustamishind Assessed value €
MARKETEKST Marketekst Notation

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