[Maa-ameti geoportaal]  


 Estonian Land Board

Estonian Basic Map

The Estonian Basic Map is a seamless digital topographic database covering the whole territory of Estonia. It contains information on utilities (roads, electric power lines, etc.), settlement, hydrography, place names and land use. The accuracy and content corresponds to the mapping scale of 1:5000- 1:10 000. The used projection is L-EST97 (epsg:3301).

Data is available in following formats: vector (MapInfo TAB, ESRI Shape or GDB), color or monochrome raster (GeoTIFF). There are total of 2083 sheets (5*5km each).

The map is updated once a year (in whole) and the latest - 2019 version is made from 8.12.2018 database dump. The map is based on the core Estonian topographic database, which is updated on a daily basis by Estonian Land Board employees.