[Maa-ameti geoportaal]  


 Estonian Land Board


Orthophoto is a processed aerial photo from which distortions caused by terrain relief, camera tilt relative to the ground at the moment of exposure and camera central projection are removed. Digital orthophoto has a certain pixel size or resolution which shows the smallest non-divideable exposed area on the ground (Ground Sampling Distance, GSD).

Orthophotos are covering the entire territory of the country (except for the areas along the Russian border in south-eastern Estonia) and corresponding to scale 1:5000-1:10 000 (pixel size is 25-50 cm). Orthophotos for densely populated areas are produced with the pixel size of 16 cm.

Example of 1:10 000 scale orthophoto (GSD 25 cm)

Example of 1:2 000 scale orthophoto in urban areas (GSD 16 cm)

Example of false color composite (CIR, Color Infrared)

CIR images are used mostly in Remote Sensing applications in forestly, agriculture, environmental matters, etc. Near Infrared, Red and Green channels are used.

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