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 Estonian Land Board

Address Data


Estonian Address Data System (ADS) contains addresses of cadastral units, buildings and apartments (with house/apartment numbers and/or place names etc), but also addresses of address objects that are used for addressing like streets, settlement units, municipalities and counties. 

ADS data is open data, so there is also no license agreement. If you use our data and have a list of data providers, we would appreciate if Estonian Land Board would be shown as the provider of Estonian address data.


Short overview of Estonian Address Data System (in English): 


Overview about Address Data System, 2017 (presentation in English):


Overview about the beginning of Address Data System, 2018 (presentation in English)


Up to date addresses are available from Address search API for Estonian Address Data System (In-ADS): http://inaadress.maaamet.ee/inaadress/

For address text normalization and geocoding you can use Address Data Geocoding Service: http://inaadress.maaamet.ee/geocoder/

Also public .csv extracts are produced once in every 30 days - you can download these extracts from Public Service of the Address Data System: http://xgis.maaamet.ee/adsavalik/ads