Administrative and Settlement Division

Data of administrative and settlement units is derived from the Land Cadastre. Attribute data is derived from the official Estonian Administrative and Settlement Classification (EHAK) maintained by the Statistics Estonia. A regular snapshop is taken on January 1 each year, but intermediary snapshots are taken when the changes in the Cadastre are significant.

Schematic maps of county and municipality borders for public use (as of 01.01.2024):

The data is available at three levels: counties, municipalities and settlements. The data includes attributes as described below.

Data properties
Format Esri SHP, MapInfo (TAB), AutoCAD (DXF), MicroStation (DGN)
Data structure vector areas
Scale 1:10 000
Update frequency Downloadable files are updated monthly (at the beginning of the month)
Licence The use of administrative and settlement units data is not restricted, but the reference to the data source (i.e. Estonian Land Board) and validity date must be made!
For example: "Administrative and settlement units, Estonian Land Board 01.01.2024"

Table content:

* Settlement type is coded by EHAK as follows: 0 - county, 1 - rural municipality, 3 - village, 4 - town, 5 - town without municipal status, 6 - urban regions, 7 - township, 8 - hamlet

Table Column Explanation
ANIMI Settlement name
AKOOD Settlement ID (EHAK)
TYYP* Settlement type
ONIMI Municipality name
OKOOD Municipality ID (EHAK)
MNIMI County name

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Settlements (towns, small towns, villages)

Municipalities with Maritime Boundary

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