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 Estonian Land Board

Estonian Soil Map

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Soil Map Application
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The digital soil map of Estonia was produced at the scale 1:10 000 (the available maps at the scale 1:5000 were reduced and generalized to correspond the scale 1:10 000). The Estonian Land Board needs the data mostly for land valuation purposes. Other users include the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural advisers, forest managers, etc. The data covers the whole territory of Estonia except the land of towns and settlements, the total covered area is 43300 km² (2045 map sheets). The data (graphical and attributes) is also loaded into Oracle spatial database and can be used as a background map in the Cadastral Information System. Since the end of the project in year 2000, no map updates have been produced, however in 2012-2015 the significant effort has been made to improve the technical quality of the data.

Data can be used via soil map application or public WMS service and also can be downloaded as open data:  Example picture of GeoTIFF format dataset (  102.99 KB, 28.04.2015 ) .