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Public WMS-service

Web Map Service for public use

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(Geographical coordinates)

Public Web Map Service is a service that is offered by the Estonian Land Board for displaying spatially referenced data on the computer screen and is based on OGC WMS (Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Service) standard. The service is for public use, free of charge and includes most of the spatial data Estonian Land Board collects. Please refer to Estonian Land Board when using extracted data, printouts, etc.

A map produced by WMS-service is in raster format and can be used by GIS software (for example ArcGIS, MapInfo, MicroStation, AutoCAD MAP 3D or freeware which includes WMS-client capability, some popular examples are QGIS, uDig, Gaia, Google Earth).

Depending of the data, there are couple of URL-s:

WMS service in geographic coordinates:

WMS services in national coordinate system L-EST97 (epsg: 3301):

http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/alus? include:
http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/kaart? include:
http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/fotokaart? include:
http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/ajalooline? include:
  • Historical maps:
    • 1-verst 1:42 000 map (1891-1912); 2-verst 1:84 000 map (1895-1918); 3-verst 1:126 000 map (1866-1915)
    • Estonian topographic maps in scales 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:200 000 (1923-1939)
    • German Heereskarte in scale 1:300 000 (1943-1944)
    • Soviet topographics maps (1942 reference system) in scales 1:10 000, 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000, 1:200 000, 1: 300 000, 1:500 000, 1:1 000 000; all printed between 1946 and 1989, 1:100 000 printed between 1898 and 1989
    • Soviet topographics maps (1963 reference system) in scales 1:10 000 and 1:25 000 (printed between 1966 and 1987)
    • Soviet marine topographics map in scale 1:50 000 (1981-1991)
    • Cadastral maps (1930-1944; 1978-1989)
    • Estonian Basemap 1:50 000 (1994-1998)
    • Map of Estonia 1:50 000 (1997-2003)
    • Estonian Basic Map 1:10 000 older versions (1996-2007, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013)
    • Estonian Basic Map 1:20 000 paper version (printed between 1994 and 2015)
  • Hybrid map vector layers (place names, buildings, building numbers, transport networks, water network)
  • Cadastral data
  • All digital orthophotos (starting from 1993)
  • Map sheet indexes
http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/geoloogia? include: GetCapabilities päring: WMS 1.1.1 : WMS 1.3.0
http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/aadressid? include:
  • Location of commune/town/county government
  • Place name location point
  • Former place name location point
  • Informal address object (districts, place names from other sources)
  • Addresses (Building address, building shape (ADS), Cadastral parcel address, Information query about cadastral parcel's attributes, Road/Street address, Roads/Street (lines, points), Minor place name's address, Minor place name)
Users of Public WMS-Service
This service will be useful mostly for specialists from different spheres of activity, who will use topographic maps in their working process and need to display and use their own geographical data along with data provided by our WMS.
In case there is a wish to display topographic maps or other kind of spatial data produced by the Estonian Land Board or by our associates, then a better option is to use our web map applications.
To use our web map applications, there is no need for some specialized GIS software, only the presence of web browser is needed.

This public WMS-service is not meant for downloading topographic maps, but for displaying up-to-date spatial information straight from our servers. To avoid DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, we will observe network traffic to shut down access for those problematic hosts that will download data too intensely. The access will be reopened when the cause for such massive amount of queries is clarified.
Because it is a public service, it is not recommended to use it in applications where availability and server responding time are crucial.
The aim was to offer good quality in case of moderate usage.

All data that can be seen through this public WMS service is a protected intellectual property and cannot be used without referring to the Estonian Land Board as its owner.

The Estonian Land Board has offered web-based mapping applications since 2001 allowing everyone to view different maps and search for various information.
As these applications were very popular among users, the creation of public WMS-service was the next step in making geographic data produced by the public sector even more accessible, foremost for professional users.
The current version of public WMS-service is not a final one and we are waiting feedback from our users to improve the service.
If you have questions or problems with using the service, then please send e-mail to kaardirakendus@maaamet.ee or call to +372 6750866