Address Data Geocoding

Simple geocoding introduces users to the possibilities of geocoding. Aim of geocoding is to process address text and return the coordinates of address point(s).

Massgeocoding enables users to geocode larger quantities of address data. For this street addresses are first normalized and then objects addressed by that address are found. To user the geographical coordinates of these objects are presented as the result of geocoding.

ADS X-Road services must be used to interface information systems with the address system.
A geocoder is a tool that allows you to organize and geocode addresses before you connect to an address system and find connections to the address system.
The geocoder is still far from perfect, and its development is ongoing.

Requirements for massgeocoding service input file:

  • CSV, XLS or XLSX format

CSV file encoding must be windows-1257 (in the absence of š-ž-Š-Ž other variants are also possible) or UTF-8. UTF-8 file may be with BOM or without it. The field separator in the row is the semicolon - ";". The first line is field titles. The second and subsequent rows are considered input data; may contain empty rows that are ignored.

XLSX file - the first line of the first page is field titles. The second and subsequent are considered input data.

Output formats:

  • CSV - text file with separators
  • XLSX - Microsoft Office Excel workbook (newer format)
  • GEOJSON - an open standard JSON based format designed for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes
  • GEOPACKAGE - an open, platform-independent and standards-based data format for geographic information system
  • KML - a file containing spatial data for use in geographic information systems, used in Internet-based map applications, for example Google Earth
  • SHP - a file containing spatial data for use in geographic information systems, suitable for ESRI systems

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