Place Names Register Query

The following search options are available:

  • name or part of the name
  • status
  • language
  • type of named feature
  • by location (county, municipality, settlement unit)
  • using the Space filter

Search results (first 1000 of them) will be displayed as a table. The whole list of search results can be exported to *.csv file. There are no restrictions for capacity, you can export the entire register if necessary)

You can move to the location of the object on the map (click "Identifier" or "Spatial shape"), or you can see the full record of the place name (Title of the legal base, etc. in Estonian).

Objects in the Registre can be accessed via URL, if the object ID is known. For example:

Map application can also be accessed directly.
If ID of the name object is known, you can locate the object on the map using the following query. The object will be marked by a flag. For example:

Last update: 02.09.2021 11:51
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