Cadastral Register Query

Query from the cadastral register is a web application which allows the user to receive information about cadastral parcel(s) of interest. It is possible to search based on the identifier or address of the cadastral parcel as well as on the user’s location. Information can be received about one or several cadastral parcels.

The service is accessible via

How to search?

There are four search options available:

  1. based on the identifier of the cadastral parcel, the numerical identifier should be entered into the search field (e.g. "40302:001:0238");
  2. based on the short address of the cadastral parcel (street name and house number or name of the cadastral parcel) by writing it in the search field (e.g "Oja" or "Kadaka 23");
  3. based on the complete address of the cadastral parcel (settlement unit, name of municipality and county must be included in addition to street name and house number or the name of the cadastral parcel) by writing it in the search field (e.g. "Kadaka tee 24a, Ilmandu küla, Harku vald, Harju maakond" or "Rapla maakond, Rapla vald, Tamsi küla, Vahastu metskond 65");
  4. based on the user's location by selecting the button which is located next to the search field. This option is mainly for mobile and tablet devices. The usability of this query depends on the location settings of the device (location services must be turned on and the service must be accessed via secure https address (
Search will be conducted after entering three characters in the search field. In case of multiple query results, a list of results will be displayed.

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Cadastral Query

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