Geological maps at the scale of 1:400 000

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Geological Data Application

Maps of bedrock and crystalline basement at the scale of 1:400 000 cover Estonia entirely.
Author of the maps is Geological Survey of Estonia. Both maps are accessible (in raster format) in the Geological Data Application. Estonian Land Board does not deliver them as vector shapes or printouts.

  • Overview of the maps

    Bedrock map (at the scale of 1:400 000) shows chronostratigraphical divisions (stages) of the bedrock (unlike the bedrock thematic map of the Geological Base Map, which gives lithostratigraphical sequence of the formations at the scale of 1:50 000). Stages are characterized by different geological indexes and colours. First capital letter of the index refers to the system and following number in subscript to the series of the stage. Red lines symbolize main faults disordering normal sequence of the rocks.
    An example of the bedrock map (  53.08 KB, 11.12.2009 )

    Map of crystalline basement(at the scale of 1:400 000) depicts the structure of the Estonian Precambrian crystalline rocks. Different colours and patterns characterize rock complexes, isolines show absolute height of the crystalline basement. Red lines mark fault areas. Phanerosoic and Proterosoic faults are distinguished (border of these eonothems is appr. 542 Ma).
    An example of the map of crystalline basement (  90.38 KB, 11.12.2009 )
    Contact person: Ivo Sibul