Ordering digital map datasets

Note! Estonian Land Board digital map data can be used free of charge via public web map applications or via WMS standard (supported by majority of known GIS software).

File based use and ordering of digital spatial data (Estonian basic maporthophotos, elevation data) is regulated by decree of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Data Act (both in Estonian).

In general - there are few steps to start using file based map data:

1) Download, print, agree, sign (signature of authorized person is required) and post-mail back to us license policy.

License template for common use (  108.62 KB, 4.05.2015 )
License template for holder of information (  106.68 KB, 4.05.2015 ) - for EU institution for performing public tasks which may have an impact on the environment

2) Download and fulfill order form (  152.37 KB, 13.04.2018 ) for specific data and send it back to us bundled with signed license policy or send it back to us via e-mail (contact person is given below).

3) Wait for processing (may include invoice and payment instructions) and follow our FTP download instructions received by e-mail.

License fee depends of specific product (Basic map, orthophotos), data format (raster, vector) and data extent (amount/coverage).

Data is distributed counting vector objects or licensing predefined sheets. Sheet numbers and other sheet based metainfo can be queried via public web map application (X-GIS) "Metainfo" button but we recommend to send us area of interest represented by polygon in whatever known CAD or GIS format.

Sample data can be tested here (page is in estonian language)

Contact person: Tanel Hurt