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 Estonian Land Board

Land Information Application

Land Information Web Map Application is displaying the Land Information System maps and different spatial data layers according to the zoom level and user selection.

The user can choose between three different types of background maps:
  • Hybrid map - buildings, road network, administrative and settlement borders, water, orthophoto
  • Orthophoto
  • Map - starting from scale 1:24000 the Estonian Basic Map is displayed
On the background maps can be displayed:
  • Cadastral map
  • Land evaluation and fertility zones
  • National Geodetic Network
  • Map sheets
Queries by parcel identifier, village name, land register unit number, geodetic point code or name can be made.

Land Information Web Map Application. Cadastral boundaries and information are displayed.

Contact: kaardirakendus@maaamet.ee, +372 6750 866