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 Estonian Land Board

Elevation data

All of the Estonian territory is covered by excellent quality of LIDAR collected elevation data (Schema 1).
Scanning was done by Leica ALS50-II scanner. Flying took place at altitude 2400m.

Schema 1. Lidar collected data by year (2012 flight covers a bit more than was 2008 area)

We are offering raw material (all points which have been collected by the device) and digital elevation models (derived from raw material with grid sizes 5m, 10m, 25m, 50m and 100m in GeoTIFF or XYZ ASCII format).

Raw material (there are approx. 550 000 points per 1 km2, about half of them are ground points) is distributed in ready ASCII XYZ files or LAS format files, each file covers 1 km2 area. File structure is as following: class, easting, northing, elevation, intensity, echo. Classification has been made automatically and possible class values are:
1. Unclassified (could be flora etc)
2. Terrain
5. First and middle reflections (mostly trees/ bushes)
6. Buildings (points which fall inside Estonian topographic database buildings layer, from year 2012 data )
7. Noise
8. Terrain (selected points)
14. Water (points which fall inside Estonian topographic database water layer, from year 2012 data)