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 Estonian Land Board

Estonian Base Map

The aim of the Base Map Project was to produce in short time a digital map containing the main spatial data of Estonia using SPOT satellite data as a source. The accuracy and content correspond to the scale 1:50 000. The Base Map contains so called "base information" about the Estonian territory, which can be used for creation of geographic information systems and production of thematic maps. The Base Map is in TM-Baltic projection (Transverse Mercator Baltic, common TM projection for the Baltic countries). Digital maps of similar aim, content and design were produced also in Latvia and Lithuania.

Data is available in following vector formats: ARC/INFO, MapInfo TAB, MicroStation DGN. There are total of 112 map sheets in digital format and a bit less sheets available in paper format.Coverage with sheet names and numbers is here' (  1.39 MB, 4.04.2017 ) . Yellow and light yellow coloured sheets are available in paper format.

The international project started in 1993 and the digital database was completed in 1996, the last sheets of paper map were printed in 1998. SPOT images (orthorectified panchromatic and multispectral data as well as plots on film and paper) and some equipment were provided to all Baltic States by Sweden as technical aid.

In the production of the Estonian Base Map ArcInfo GIS software was used. After completion the data has also been re-projected into Lambert-EST (L-EST) projection and converted to MicroStation and MapInfo file formats as well as loaded into Oracle Spatial to be used as a backdrop map in the Cadastral Information System.

The Estonian Base Map database is distributed first of all to state agencies, local governments and research establishments for whom it is free of charge. It is planned to extend the database to make it correspond to the content of a topographic map. The Base Map has already been used in all counties for comprehensive planning, in the Estonian Defence Mapping Project at the scale 1:50 000 corresponding to NATO standards, in CORINE Land Cover Project, in the digital textbook "Estonian Geography for Schools" developed by the Institute of Geography of Tartu University. However, since the end of the project in 1998, no map updates have been produced.