[Maa-ameti geoportaal]  


 Estonian Land Board

Data Bank of Engineering Geology

Data Bank of Engineering Geology was founded in 1964 at the Construction Committee of that time with the aim to acquire and preserve all engineering geological studies and investigations and make them available for further use. Since 1996 the collection belongs to the ELB. The majority of items (~30 000) in the collection are engineering geology reports for construction sites; reports of geotechnical control, geological and engineering geological maps; borehole catalogues of major towns; and tracings of engineering geology reports made by REI, Eesti Projekt, Eesti Tööstusprojekt and others.

An engineering geology report consists of the textual part, testing data (tables and diagrams) and figures (location of survey points, geological profiles, diagrams of field tests). Engineering geological surveys have been performed for towns and areas of production and residential buildings in the centres of former collective and state farms.

The mission of the database is to provide the designers, urban planners, constructors, scientists and environmental specialists with the knowledge of geological engineering.

Data Bank of Engineering Geology is situated in Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 51, 10621 , floor I, room 1-010.
The office is open on working days between 8.30 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 16.00 (until 15.00 on Fridays).
Contact person: Tiiu Liblik or Pirje Pappel